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Mar 2017
**** me
**** me like we used to on my back porch
On a floral futon under toy car lights
Listening to cicadas and to the door
Waiting to get caught

**** me
Like the night I came to your freshman dorm room
And you offered only a hug and your roommate offered the truth
That you were (already) sleeping with someone else

**** me
Like the night I stumbled into your house
After misfiring pepper spray into my own right eye
And I woke up with my ex for the first time

**** me
Like the night you told me you were proud of me
That I was beautiful and strong and you had missed me

**** me
Like the night I gave my friend the wrong garage code
Because you had told me you loved me too

(but you couldn’t be with me
It was too much of something
I was too much of something)

**** me
**** me like the night I was so drunk
That I now have a Nike swoosh shaped scar under my arm
From falling off someone else’s bed

**** me like tonight
When your ****** communication skills
And wine that was more than $4 made me think
Something isn't quite right

(You aren’t quite right and I may be too much,
but only because you are too little).
what goes up must come down
Melanie Melon
Written by
Melanie Melon
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