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Mar 2017
Balsamic parades
before you now

A cosmic                silence
fettering                O fair winded fury

   delicate fishnets casting for a stage of Arab desire

        Neolithic pattern &
tender reflection does welcome the stone
which an ardentness accompanies

    Long, Long and carried
    and curious
  a glance of eyes/
         your cavern for splendor
               freckled blossoms, tired
               eve of tiger daylight &
steam whimpers from your
               shadowy ash
church bells ask drawn-out questions for dogs that have long been dead

     vision of an ambigous
    baritone presence
     daisies & mist settling over the valley
     & the estate burned down! & multitudes of trees pray for your shoulders to be relieved of dragging your own grave
      & expressed expressed expressed
        until exhaustion
         & the thread of thought is naked the tone is optimistic
          The miracle is upon us
(the miracle)

            shrines are rebuilding
I can feel a pheonix glow
can you feel it, too?

(and I and you and the animal outside and its noise and how it increases in size
and how the earth shakes from the vibrations and we try to sleep it off
we cannot distract ourselves from
the wind
is tearing apart the decorations we had on the balcony
the land is stirring with consciousness
it is whispering but the whole world whispering is
A great tectonic force

we will not run
we will sing too
we will sing)

my mind river pursues this

& babylonian cities flower from
the weathered
      eager to join our laughter
Written by
Connor  23/M/MSH
   Glass, Azaria and Bianca Reyes
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