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Mar 2017
I'm no different from you
I bleed the same red
I cry the same silver tears
That you are able to shed

I applaud you, as a Man
To be able to recognise
That I am able to achieve
any goal that is in your eyes

This is not a day I will celebrate
although it's a day I will acknowledge
It's a day that is insignificant
to women that hold knowledge

We know we had to fight you
Nearly 100 years ago
They were days we were beaten down
But it's not the same, no more

We now have equal rights, equal say
equal pay and equal do
I guess what I want to say to Men
is Thank You

Thank you for your recognition
but we don't need a seperate day
What we truly need in this world
is a harmonious repartee


How are you today?
Why Sir I'm doing fine!
Thank you for the open door.

The pleasure is all mine

Would you like a seat?
No thank you I'm off at the next stop!
Are you in need off assistance?
(without fear I'll drag you off!)

Women just want to feel safe!
Gentleman, if you could just reflect
We don't want a Day of recognition
Just for you to teach your Sons respect
Written by
Helen  nowhere special
(nowhere special)   
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