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Mar 2017
So I hit the ******* again
Stuffed my ******* face with *****
I don't do that ******* stage tipping ****
I call the girls over to me
Then I hand them the money
I called you over to me
You walked me to the V.I.P.
We were laughing on the way there
You sat me down
You took your top off
You had gorgeous ******* by the way
Your ******* looked really cute
You turned around and put your *** in my lap
I loved the way your thick, tight muscular *** was stroking my ****
It felt so good
I didn't want to stop paying you
I couldn't stop paying you
I get a lot of pleasure out of just the act of paying for pleasure
I loved the way your *** felt to the touch of my hand
I loved feeling and squeezing the muscles of your *** cheeks as you flexed them within my grasp
Ooh it felt so nice
The sensation was addicting
I also loved the hot warming sensation of your mouth on my **** and the vibration of your tongue on it
It felt ******* incredible
Made my eyes roll into the back of my ******* head
You're like my luscious little ******* play thing
And all I want is to eat you up
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
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