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Mar 2017
Breaking a mirror won't bring financial ruin,
Unless you keep breaking them.

Carrying a rabbit's foot is just weird.
Ask the rabbit.

If you walk under a ladder,
You're ringing the wrong rung.
Enrol in a Health and Safety seminar.

If a black cat crosses the path of your vehicle,
You might clip it.

Pulling wishbones.... see Rabbit's Foot.

Bad news comes in threes,
And fours, fives...

You can bang on my wood anytime.

Lucky pennies don't exist in Canada.

Spilling salt is safe, and cheap.
If the price increased 1000%,
We'd still buy and spill.

Wishing on stars, candles and such
Is like holding air in your hands.

If you find a four-leaf clover,
Use EPA approved **** killer.

Don't step on a crack,
Don't sell crack,
Don't smoke crack.

Good Luck!
There are no pennies at all in Canada. Done away with and for good reasons. We all know $9.99 is $10.00. Well in Canada, so is $9.98 and $9.97. We have advanced math here. $9.96 is now $9.95, but so is $9.94 and $9.93. You can figure out the pattern. It works well, and we save millions at the mint, and the tailor's.
Francie Lynch
Written by
Francie Lynch
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