Mar 2017

these shallow glimpses we share
as days grow long
the scattered thoughts swirl and bury themselves
in crevices of this old house
to be re-awakened perhaps
when we are many years gone
what can we salvage of this eternal bond
while the Sun buries itself behind the Oak
that we've watched grow from the kitchen window
since the days when our hair was thick and dark
and the smell of fresh cut wood was present
what words can I say to bring tears to your eyes
tears that would come from but a glimpse
that shouted my fervent love
we are captives of our timeless, undying, unwavering hearts
yet all that remains of this diminishing soul
would disperse like the final slivers of light
should I lose you

Thomas P Owens Sr
Written by
Thomas P Owens Sr  Weyers Cave, Va
(Weyers Cave, Va)   
         Lior Gavra, Vicki, Stan Patty, Ahmad Cox, Mouthpiece and 119 others
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