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Mar 2017

What does a black cat look like
In the light of an ancient moon,
Which can address his finest ways
While he catwalks the lands in gaze,
Paris is the place he craves to be
This any other cate would see,

Why the old cat walks around?
His eyes possessed the town
Until the light of the velvet moon
Helps him feel at easy where he could
Find a place to sleep,

This ancient cat knows what is best
While he lays his little head for rest
Where he could get up to do his best
On gentle grass in a social life
grace is always on his side,

Oh, how he dreamed about alleys where
food is in the cans of garbage bags
where kitties are play around
doing what they know in a world that is
evil and cold.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
The Queen Of Darken Dreams
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