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Mar 2017
While walking in a desolate area
Without a weapon and all alone,
A man encountered a vicious tiger.
He stopped in his tracks and uttered a moan.

He ran to the edge of a nearby cliff
And glanced at the jagged rocks below.
Desperate, he climbed down a vine
And hung there swinging to and fro.

Looking up, he saw two mice
And had to stifle his fearful cries.
The mice were gnawing on the vine!
His whole life flashed before his eyes.

Then he noticed a strawberry plant.
Holding on as best he could,
He plucked a single berry and ate it.
A berry had never tasted so good!

(3-2-17) By Bob B

°An old tale retold here in verse
Bob B
Written by
Bob B
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