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Mar 2017
i only ever thought of death in the winter
how happy he must be
to have some company
out of doomed and regretful souls

i only ever thought of death as a spectator
an audience, a witness
i never thought of death as something more ?ā€“
more than a plague to be avoided, a sickness

i only ever thought of death at three in the morning
about how life has me as a gift for it
about how we live to die, but still die to live
i think about my own wake, where iā€™m not even awake
although i might as well be, if i hear people crying and mourning too loudly

i only ever thought of death
not once knowing of, or knowing anything about it
because if i had known death
i would have recognized it when i saw you at **first sight
i should've known better, with the way you held me ā€“ a doomed and regretful soul as your company. // man in the moon, won't you come home soon?
analog child
Written by
analog child
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