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Feb 2017
I didn't expect it.
I didn't notice the change.
Not in your smile; in your eyes.

I was naive and in denial
Observing your actions and behaviors
Hiding behind the cloak of your disguise

And at once believed
That your spirit could control the ocean,
Your heart conspiring with the moon.

At a far away glance it was hidden,
A little white lie, a grain of rice
That blended in with the rest.

But once that was blown away in the wind
That little grain turned into an undeniable grease stain
As black as the ink in your pen.

The same one that scribbled hieroglyphics on my heart
Undecipherable to all but you.

I should've expected it.
I should've seen the change.
Your smiles becoming fake,
Your eyes menacing.

The Devil stole your soul,
Or, bought it, rather
And you say that this is love
Written in blood that you lather.

But this is not love
And the lies will always matter.
Sierra Primus
Written by
Sierra Primus  F/Florida
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