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Mar 2012
We the people of America say killing is against the law! In defense, chilling either condensed killing! I further write to all, including the eluding law! As I chat, what of biblical and tribal law? That clever severed lucky monkey’s paw, ma and pa. We the people of America the cranky, the donkeys and the funny. The grumpy, the honey the
honkies and the hungry! The junkies, the money, the stinky and the

sunny! We the people of America, achieving, breathing, breeding, cheating, dreaming, feeding, feeling and freezing! We the people of America our delights, fights, flights, freight, heights and plight. Our allies, byes, cries, despises and disguises. Our lies, outcries our skies,
spies, ties and wise. We the people of America preying and slaying the weak, the meek and those who seek, every day of the week. The able,

the-benign, the blind, the disabled, the labeled and unkind. We the people of America of awesome, blossom, fearsome, freedom, gruesome, handsome and loathsome! We the people of America of
desire, fire, inspire and perspire! We the people of America will this still be the sum of our capture and rapture? Another frightful chapter with spiteful laughter thereafter. Our concern, discern and yearn of

foil, oil, soil, spoil, toil and turmoil! We the people of America verily I quote; let’s cope in hope to clearly and fairly vote! Every race and trace must face and disgrace this war-race. The displaced and misplaced the fast, last, past and vast. The adored, the gore, the ignored, the poor, the sore and the ******; we the people of America.
Pierre Ray
Written by
Pierre Ray
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