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Feb 2017
"Hawks migrate you know?  & force of wind can be a large & pesky variable, little brother.  Sometimes the things you believe will propel you into the right direction ---- actually end up pushing you off course. Sometimes the invisible... will pull you elsewhere, regardless of wherever it was  had in mind.
The invisible....   can be reckless, unforgiving, ..uncaring; however, Lady Luck has always smiled for me.  I've always been devil-may-care, as it has always felt right to be so.  That is.. to play the role of the wildcard, & to be given a supernatural sort of sight, which has led me through the Piano Key Seas....
Come to think of it...  That was my mistake:  failing to avoid large bodies of water.  Those gusts out there.... in the middle of all the waves.  I should have flown 'round the coastline, instead.  Those **** gales...!"

He pauses & adjust his silver spectacles:  They look as if they come from somewhere far away or were crafted in a time long before his day or age.

"But I navigated a way...  I listened.  I truly listened & ...Voila!
Here-I-am:  The Hawk, the Wildcard, the Raptor  ..the Rock & Rolla...."
So fear not-for the Garden, or for anything, little brother. Fate
has brought me back be the one who saves this place before
you come-to out of dreams & sleep.... to do all of what I do, now,
all over again.."

He then proceeds to take the city by its metaphorical hand & wrist,
& pull the drowning-ship--of-a-nation -- incl. his sleeping brother --
up from the waking grip of the Hollow.  He had tacked the wind
ten-thousand times ..& then some; he would now tug o' war
...with gravity.
Unfinished.  A sort of intro to a prelude to these hummingbird chronicles I have going on.  I was reading up on hawks as well & have read multiple times of how they will protect hummingbirds by killing off predators that prey on hummingbirds, as well as by not eating or harming them, themselves; even though they theoretically it can as far as the food chain goes.  They allow them to live in a sense.

This piece is unfinished, but inspired.  Working title & everything.
Thank you all.  All my love.

Also, for clarification:  This is a scene in a prequel I suppose you can call it.  It is still all abstract to even myself, but I will word it plainly as to make it easy to understand.  Please forgive the lack of polishing:

There is a city named Garden in later stories.  It is protected by a few heroes.  Here, it is being saved by this hawk-hero BEFORE any of those few heroes have taken up a name or anything yet.  One of those heroes, is this hawk-guys younger brother who is in a state of 'torpor,' asleep.  I am not sure what I am going to do with this hero yet.  I may have his story go untold, at least within 'his world' thereby conveying how some heroes are 'comically doomed' in a sense to do all of the work, & receive not one shred of credit for it.  We shall see.  Apologies for the repost and all this explaining.  Will sort all of this out one day when I have the time.  I do promise that.

Working title for now.
Written by
Light House
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