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Feb 2017
I enjoyed being a bellhop at the Student Union at the U of I in college,
everything went so fast.
I enjoyed being a dishwasher
everything went so fast, too, and I formed a relationship with
a gorgeous blonde waitress that I thought would last.
I enjoyed digging ditches for a home builder
it made me feel so earthy and the die was cast
for me being a manual laborer
'cause I know I'd crack up in the Army
and of course no flag would be at half- mast
and to be realistic
I'd be "doing it" for the rest of my work period
I was so serious
Then I used a sledge hammer and jackhammer
and more feeling of earthiness followed
and I knew I'd be delirious
at working here at something where I could see
my progress at it
and not get messed up in my mind too much at that.
Us workers would have the usual construction workers'
break beverage of a quart or bottle of chocolate milk
and we'd feel great
at mopping the sweat from a lot
including our cheeks.
Being a soldier
obviously didn't agree with me,
or I wouldn't have gotten
called on PTSD
but my stubborn flights into food service work
and even janitor work
were my way of fighting it
and my cup of tea.
Written by
Charles Sturies
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