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Feb 2017
Haven't slept,
saw two suns set.
Oh! the bliss,
The deep slumbers' kiss;

I'm waiting and waiting,
You snicker in the shadows,
You wicked - wicked witch!

A woman, a girl, nigh, none
There are none; I have known
To be as wicked as you;
Though they could have given
You, yes you, a good run.

I know now, now you will come
We will meet soon enough.
Let us meet. Let it be.
Come, please!
Come to me.**
Written by Ali Qureshi
Next in the series "Insomnia - Quadrant"
The third poem in the Insomnia series. All of the poems in this series are based on my struggle to get a good night's sleep.
P.S. 'Two Suns set' is not a mistake but put there intentionally in the poem. Google the term if you want to know more.
Ali Qureshi
Written by
Ali Qureshi  Pakistan
   Lu Lu
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