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Feb 2017
["Bloodflows" by Sohn is playing in the background]

Every night I envision the two of us
Inside a beautiful room with dim lights
Just the two of us naked
You standing right in front of me
Those beautiful ******* softly swinging
Those wondrous ******* protruding
The **** near flawless symmetry of your legs
The way your hands swing from side to side as you walk towards me
You smile at me as you wrap your arms around me from behind
Both hands around my waist
You lean in to kiss my neck
You kiss me so soft and so deep with a little bit of aggression
My **** begins to grow hard as you take it into your grip
and begin gently squeezing it and stroking it
Your other hand squeezing my *** cheeks
I beg you not to stop
As the feeling is electric
I have never ever felt anything like it
You take your hand from my ***
and reach around to my chest and with your fingers
You start rubbing my ******* very lightly
You know that's another weak spot of mine
You start stroking my other ****** with your fingers
Just lightly stroking my ******* with both hands
As you continue to kiss my neck
I've never felt so loved
Keep doing that to me baby
You know the way I like it
Can I just be here with you in this moment a little longer?
'Cause I have such strong ****** feelings towards you
I honestly want to *******
Maybe we could be friends with benefits
And **** each other to our heart's desires
Maybe you'll like the way my tongue feels
Once your legs are spread wide open
and your ***** is right in front of my mouth
There are a lot of things I think you'd love
If we were friends with benefits
Xoaquín Oznian
Written by
Xoaquín Oznian  USA
   K M M
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