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Feb 2017
Last night
Our souls

We took history
By the collar
And kissed it
To knotted ruin

We severed our bodies
And transcended space-time
Beyond the barricades
Of light

We became death
Destroyer of worlds

We died
And we were resurrected

We were canonised,
Baptised in the
Immortal desires
Of mortal fires

Our fusion erupted
A periodic table
Of elements
Hunted by
Those who muse
Over what they fancy
Love to be

We know their scratches
On the duvet
Are smooth and simply

Because if I plucked
A moment in time
From the fabric of life
When man was
Closest to heaven,
It would be then,
When we tore down
The universe
With our
Last night was the most beautiful moment of my life. It was only then that I discovered love. Everything else before that was something so mild it was easy to swallow. This love is something else entirely, and I'm glad that I found the most amazing person to have ever lived to share it with.
Written by
Mouthpiece  26/M/Liverpool, UK
(26/M/Liverpool, UK)   
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