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Feb 2017
Every morning, getting out of bed is the worst,
But every morning my phone vibrates.
And it's because
Everyday you message me
Like it has been your daily routine
To impress me, to make me laugh
To show me what a true friend you are,
But to me, you're more than just a friend,
You're the one I love, you're the one I want to waste time with
You're the one that makes want to get out of bed and be productive.
But I can't let you see it,
Because someone else loves you,
And the one that loves you is my friend too.
He kept on talking about you, made so much effort just for you,
Almost got in trouble just to be with you.
And me? What did I even do to deserve you?
But make you smile.
Still, you find time to message me, call me, and tease me.
You're my friend, NO! you're more than just my friend
You're the one I love, and I just want you to be happy.
I love her, But I can't let her know. Someone else loves her, and the one that loves her is my friend too.  But I just want her to be happy, maybe not with me, But it's what I want for her.
Written by
VargLines  Philippines!
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