Mar 15

We weren't made to live our lives,
Dragging feet through sand
No love to feel eternally,
or purpose to understand
We were born to breathe this moment
Seize the day
When patterns of the undesired
come burning on replay

so, breathe me in
& spit me out
cut off the pain
of every doubt
shed all the tears
to stain my skin
breathe out the grief
take me within

just grab me tight
& don't let go
this might be all
we'll ever know
wash off the anguish
in my eyes
& love all that
this world denies

'cause we weren't made to live our lives
No better path to recognize
No, we weren't born to be buried
To be martyrs for cross we carried

We were born to burn, drown
Rage & shout
To long for that which we'll live without
To suffer in pleasures, smile in discontent
You & I, we were born for this moment

Just seize it before it ends...


Written by
NB  21/A Stoned World Order
(21/A Stoned World Order)   
       mikecccc, jg, Jamadhi Verse, Sean Scribbles, --- and 30 others
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