Feb 2017
em>I could be the crutch to aid your knees when that baggage gets too heavy
And when the tears come flooding out your eyes, I'll be the one to hold the levee
And when your balance gets too shaky, I'll be the one to hold you steady
I could be the that light to shine on your darkness nights...
Well that's only if you'd let me

But that's just it...
"Only if you'd let me"
Spoken like a self loathing romantic
I mean...
I'm far from a knight in shining armor and that's a problem that I can't fix
For I too, have baggage as well and they've done a number on my knees
Like how my anxiety shakes my mental state and it gets hard for me to breathe
Or like how the scars around my chest are prone to open up and bleed
There's a laundry list of reasons why you should be with anyone but me
Written by
Scotty  M/California
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