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Feb 2017
Like right after a meal when I can't get the bits and pieces out from between my teeth with a used toothpick I just happen to have in my tote bag so I write about it.

Not being able to get my pants and underwear adjusted right so my ding-a-ling will be comfortable right when we're off rushing to dinner or something, and I just can't get it right.

When my favorite teams in sporting events are losing in a discouraging fashion that gives off an air of foreboding to their staining for success for the year in general.

Watching CNN and getting the same story over an over again.

Not getting comfortable lying in my bed.

Constant sleep in my eyes, especially since some nurse said to me, Yes, that's a sign that one is dying.

Listening to a CD and wanting to finish it up when I'm in a hurry, or getting stopped at the important break also, and have the frock group usually go on with the cut forever.

There, there's a sampling of frustrating time (or more pet peeves, I guess) for me.
Written by
Charles Sturies
   S Olson
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