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Feb 2017
My mother told me,
beware of the boys
with beautiful eyes.
They'll **** you in,
and tell you lies.
Then kiss you sweetly,
after making you cry.
They'll pull you in,
and give you a life.
Then sleep with the girl
who is not very nice.
They'll push you away,
then reel you back in,
because their hooks are in you,
and your heart is theirs to win.
Their eyes are dangerous
for a fragile heart,
because boys like that
love to break hearts.
Once they've got you,
they never let go.
So resist their charms,
and learn to say no.
When a boy like that
comes after your heart,
the chase is on
from finish to start.
These boys are entitled,
and stubborn as hell.
They get what they want,
and they run the show.
So if one decides
to stake claim to your heart,
beware of the spell
he'll cast over your heart.
Written by
Hannah  22/F/Nomad
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