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Feb 2017
little bille ****** he just long to be

a captain of a ship sailing on the sea

he gathered up some wood and built himself a boat

then into the water and set himself afloat.

he headed out to sea adventure bound was he

the captain of his boat liked he longed to be

suddenly a dolphin jumped in to the air

****** he was startled gave him quite scare.

dolphin said hello sorry for the scare

didnt mean to frighten you didnt see you there

can i be your friend said dolphin and come along with you

of they went together in the sea of blue.

after quite some the weather made a change

started getting rough acting very strange

then the winds were howling waves were very high

it began to thunder with lightening in the sky.

then a great big wave over turned the boat

****** he was trapped and couldnt get afloat

dont worry said the dolphin just hang on to me

hang on to my tale and i will set you free.

dolphin pulled and pulled and freed his little friend

****** thought his journey was about to end

then the storm subsided it was calm once more

they pulled the little boat safely to the shore.

they rebuilt the boat and set sail once more

now the boat could sail again like it did before

now they both were happy and safely back a sea

friends for evermore both of them would be.
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