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Feb 2017
life may be meaningless,* it may be an oblivion as the reward for post-absence of death,
                                          [limited. time. offer.]
, we may look out upon the stars and feel smaller than small (thantinydantinyd.t.) against the canvas of the infinite universe
with the )moon( as our little dimple in a solar system of miniature proportions against a background uncomprehensible. life may be meaningless
                     *but it is too short to be bored and not have a little fun.

it is not long enough to be glum.
                                     *                                       *
                                            O      ^
                                                                                     O     ­                               *

                               ­                             *                          ^                          o
                                                          ­          o               *
[42]                                                           ­                   .
d.d. #41
- another little philosophical poem that i've been working on today.
for those existentialists out there!
Written by
jdotingham  My own head
(My own head)   
   Penny Yilmaz and Jor For
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