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Feb 2017
shower me with
your naked thoughts
and spare me
the varnish of
humility and grace
and the platitudes
we mouth to give
ourselves that appearance
of humanity

as in this
idealistic condition
in which kindness
and optimism
are the quintessence
of itself

i don't
give a ****
about kindness
and the binary
of optimism and
pessimism leaves
no room for reality
so **** that

least of all
from yourself
who i don't expect
to conform to
the standards of beauty
and fit neatly
into the boring box
of womanhood
which is made
by woman-haters
whose artisanal hands have
made itself as
ostentatious as


and that's
not at all unlike
which creates
a veneer of strength
from illiteracy
as the resultant void of
emotional depth
is held-up
for exaltation

these varnishes
of people
cannot confront
the depravity
of themselves
but we can

not that
the implication
is that we can
conquer it
but we can
admit our ****-ups
and secrets
and try to attenuate
our impulses
or at least glue ourselves
together over
these scattered and piecemeal
and move-on

and move-up

hollow things
as money
won't be so hollow
when we are drinking
from the cocktail
of each other's
and the ambition
to rise above
all of it

**** your
and tell me
who you
really are

and i'll
tell you
who i really am.
Written by
stylesclash  28/M/USA
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