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Mar 2012
A bone breaks but the body stays whole.
A heart breaks for another but their bond
remains whole.

In the heartbreak of love
there lies a glimmer.
A shimmer that nestles in the eye
of the broken
until it glares out the ugly,
broken truth;
and only leaves the pleasant lies
in these saccharine eyes
there is a better truth and a better life
for the broken.

The truth is for the whole
and the whole crowds out the broken
until no more truth remains
for the countless few who lay claim
to little
and claim affection for less.

So in this strange ether
there is no longer a choice
for either truth or happiness.
There is only the light in the distance
filled with happiness
and thus, spilling forth truth.

Truth will never set a soul free.
A soul never yearns for freedom
while their mate stays captive.

It’s the shackles of the everyday
that bond us to one another
and strip us down to our core
until all that’s left is the truth.

So this truth is not universally accepted.
It is not shouted from the rooftops.
This truth of the heart can’t be found in a book.
The truth we all find at the tip of our tongue
is best found with the last breath before
In that last breath before we join our Creator
Is the essence of our being;
and in this discovery, we find who we are meant to be.
Paul R Mott
Written by
Paul R Mott  Raleigh, NC
(Raleigh, NC)   
     Paul R Mott and Jon Tobias
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