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Mar 2012
I can’t see for the sun
It’s the darkness lights me up
But that ain’t the way to live
Mere wandering can’t fill my cup

I get up late from when the world starts
I can’t catch a break 'cept for my broken heart
Broken not from women, broken not from friends
Broken only from the things in life that won’t end

There’s always the confusion
There’s always the pain
But in spite of these things
The sun pokes through the rain

With the sun above us and the rain below
It should be easy to deal melancholy a blow
But only for the permanent people
With their permanent problems

They can make peace with woe
Since it is all they know
But for those with fleeting spirits
And seasick minds, a solution can be much harder to find

So we spend our lives searching
With the journey as our goal
But with no destination to find
We keep walking low

Out of sight from the sun
Treading carefully on the rain
No impetus for shaky souls to run
A simple “I don’t know” seems to be our refrain

Not from sloth do we shun a rationale
But from confusion, wonder, and the urge to corral
All our misgivings and doubts into something that’s right
Something to sooth a troubled mind when it keeps up the night
Paul R Mott
Written by
Paul R Mott  Raleigh, NC
(Raleigh, NC)   
     Anton and Paul R Mott
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