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Feb 2017
Come, take my hand and quickly!
We'll sail the seven seas
We'll find buried treasure
Enjoy merry weather
And do all of the things that we please

Come, follow me quietly!
We'll sneak up on the cave of a troll
We'll steal his good ale
Fill his shoe with a snail
Don't get caught, or he'll eat you up whole!

Come, run now, beside me!
I'll show you where Pegasus fly
We'll go and won't stop
'Til the gold mountaintop
At the spot that just touches the sky

Come, sit here before me...
But, don't move much, for not to disrupt it
See, between you and I
A tiny village doth lie
Only look, for 'twill break if you touch it

Come, think closely on all I have shown you
May you forever never forget
While in one place, you're a giant
In another, you could be a shy ant
And who we are now is anyone's bet
the title is a play off of "fairy tale", because I originally wanted to call this piece "fairy tale", because it fits, but that would have been too expected, which does not fit. Combined traditional fairytale fashion with elements of greek mythology and smoky, but subtle notes of pirates. I miss childhood.
Amory Caricia
Written by
Amory Caricia  a fragment of history
(a fragment of history)   
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