Feb 2017

Beyond the trembling aspen trees
Somewhere the sky and earth kiss
We walk there hand in hand
In a silence only we understand

There will the winds gently blow
Tousling your hair as they go
On to caress your cheeks
Carrying my damp memories

Like the scent of ocean breeze
Blowing over from my long held grief
Your smile – sun drops on my tongue
Dousing my ache, making it blossom

If only I could stay here a little longer
If that longer go on forever and ever
If my parched eyes could drink in your essence
My soul be warmed, my heart content

This distance is too insurmountable
This lifetime too fragile, too unfathomable
My soul too weary to hold onto the light
The stars exhale, the moon sighs

I lean onto you and close my eyes
Time laps my feet and gently retreats
Waking up, I am left bereft
Burying my face, I grieve, I grieve, I grieve

Written by
Karishma  India
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