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Feb 2017
Would he dare to walk a mile in my shoes... To put his feet in cinder's slippers... marry a handsome prince...who turns out to be just a simple Jafar...
With blind devotion... i let the glass shards of those tight slippers
slice open my heels till I blead...
I thought having dignity  meant pursing my lips tightly... and let my pride alone silence the cry...
Would I allow my mind be an hourderve... to be tasted as mental yeast... with a side of bitter shame....
Would I be the servant and the cook, the tutor, cab driver, the warrior, the lover the ***** of an unfurnished abode....To be thanked by insults and be called out names...
to be the one that he always blames... I felt the sweat of his fist
without being bruised nor hit...
Would I find Alice... call her a fool.
Does she know, there is no wonderland.
If you live to the vow and play by the rule
what about God, his promised land,
does this hourglassed desert
ever feel the touch of his hand.
Will I taste frosted manna
if i run far away.
Or would I challenge the bully
and have it my way.
Does my dream ever leave the blues,
would he look in my eyes
would he dare
walk a mile in my shoes....
... Alexander Grey
Kelcee All
Written by
Kelcee All  Buffalo
   Medusa and Demonatachick
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