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Feb 2017
I hate life insurance commercials
They drive me up the wall
I know they focus families
Helping each other
But you have to pay a heap
You see this lady with her poxley old smile
I know it shows the happiness she feels using life insurance
But she looks so ****** poxley
I am getting sick of those commercials because the world
Won't improve if we got it
In fact the world will be losing more money time after time
They just try and rip your money from you and plan to never give it back to you
Even if they say they will, they won't because the life insurance people are big rich ****** who don't give a hoot about us
I wish they would get rid of life insurance adds cause they can drive a good man nuts
When they ring you they try and keep you talking on the phone until they sign you up
It drives you nuts and there is the fact those conversations never happen unless you think you are going to die
No, any insurance is a scam
To get ordinary Aussies to spend all the cash to suppossingly make their after life better for the people they leave behind WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP there is a chance that something will go wrong
You see your family might be put in debt waiting for the money no,
Life insurance is a total scam
Please dudes, don't get ****** in
Written by
johnny georgy brown
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