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Jan 2017
Today we tend to the bones of our ancestors.
Stand in the field,
Amongst thousands,
But all that is seen is a note,
Giving thanks to those
On whose shoulders we are ****** upon,
On whose shared experience, we sprout forth.
What is left behind withers,
And what is left behind thrives.

Your legacy lives through me.
And I love you
I love you,
I love you.
And I miss you.
Being here makes me wish,
Wish for something beyond this.

You always told me
β€˜Life is more interesting
When you look up.’
So here I lay
Pitching glances toward the stars
For solace may be found through them.
Time passes and I am to think
Perhaps they are no longer stars,
But openings to the heavens,
Where your light pours through
And I am bathed by the glow.
As if to tell me that I have yet to have lived,
And to see the path ahead,
I simply need turn to those who mapped it.
For every wrong turn
Is marked by a star.
So to seek solace in them,
Is just asking for directions.

For a while,
For a fleeting second,
I know what it is like to be reunited.
And it is comforting.
Being here,
I am stripped of distractions
And I am free.

One day I will join you,
And share with you what you have taught me.
Egaeus Thompson
Written by
Egaeus Thompson
   Rapunzoll and jdotingham
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