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Jan 2017
I** want to breath
Like when I was a child
Oh, how I remember
Very much so, how much fun It was
Every day was ignorant bliss as I smiled
Yesterday was they day I forgot how to breathe
Over and over again I age faster as I remember
Under the stars I fade, unable to breathe
So now I regress
Over and over I wonder, where the time went my friend
Maybe I can grab a couple of galaxies and feed them to my infant
Uh, I don’t think she’d like it though, heh
Can you give me some advice, considering you’re over 60?
How do you still vibrate like the new day and the sound of heaven in the morning?
I don’t understand your method
Think about it?
Hey, that’s hard when all I think about is my future…
Under the stars, now
Running to catch the comets flitting forward forever.
Thank you
So much, I’m serious.
Nicolai Alexander Goff
Written by
Nicolai Alexander Goff  18/M
   Nayana Nair
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