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Jan 2017
Today early morning I was sitting on the sofa and having tea. Suddenly my eyes went on the showcase where I had kept my certificates and a trophy which I had received  on sports week day for the achievement of getting second position in story writing and quiz competition  respectively. I literally had a smile on my face. I don't share my trophies,certificates,medals with my family. I just keep it as a show piece. If somebody care's and notice's they ask. If not then I really don't feel like telling.
Today for the first time I felt it that I should tell my parents that their daughter is talented,she is good for something at least. And so I revealed. I did shared and that too with my Hero. My protector. My FATHER.
My father was so glad to see my trophy,medals of 11 and 12 th standard and all the recent certificates.I narrated every incident  where I had received praises.He addressed me,'Emerging writer. Be someone who will remember you throughout'.
Do you know why and how I shared my success today all of a sudden,in the middle of my life. Why not this thought strike me before when I was living my life in vain? How today's sunrise brought a revelry on my phiz?

Because I realized how technology is ruling our heart. How technology is ruining our life. How busy we people are that we don't have a minute to share our happiness with each others. How we don't have the time to stand and stare the beauty. I didn't touched my phone and I saw a beautiful outcome. My phone didn't ring and I saw myself sitting at peace.
Randhir kaur
Written by
Randhir kaur  Jorhat,Assam,India
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