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Jan 2017
a breaking point*
everyone has one, right?
a place where they can't go on
without an explosion of emotion
or just quitting all together

but where is mine?

where is my stopping point?
where i can rest my eyes
and feel ease
a point where i do break
and get everything out
because to get better you have to break, right?

maybe that point has left out
forgotten by a god i dont believe in
leaving me in a constant hurt
a never ending cycle of being left
with no escape or coping

where is my breaking point?
it must be sad
to read about someone who wants to break down
who wants to feel all the pain he has experienced at once
just so one thing can maybe last
just so some other emotion
that isnt a deep depression
can be felt for more than an hour or so

maybe i need to make my own point
need to scrape some time out of my schedule
to let myself explode
let it out
get rid of the space it takes up
so i can leave some for anything else

but thats not how it works
it comes on its own time
like a bird to its feeder
or death to take a soul

my breaking point will take its time
so slow its taking parts of me
as i try to survive

my breaking point will be death
that when my blood pools out of my body
those deep dark emotions
will flow out with it

no longer carried by me
but the mortal body
that is left here
leaving my soul the lightest of them all

a breaking point
no one said
that it has to happen when youre alive
Written by
Oliver Henderson  Boston
     Autumn, Rachna Beegun, ---, AidaDonn, Sam and 1 other
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