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Mar 2012
You've lost your sobriety down the well.
You've been walking funny, I can tell.
Don't invite me I don't want to go,
don't walk slow,
you'll lose your glow.
And one day you will find,
that all of those who've been kind.
They're going to take off, when you lose your mind

You lost all of your ambitions down the well,
with them all your money and friends fell.
No more you know where to stay,
but anyway,
you feel okay.
You just stay there and sit,
You don't even know you've lost your wit.
Because all you're chasing now, is another hit.

You've lost who you are down the well,
what used to be your name doesn't ring a bell.
You don't realize that you have lost it all,
no one gave you a call,
you didn't feel the fall.
Now you're trapped in hell,
living in a shell,
You've thrown away all you've known, down the well.
Written by
William K Chee-awai
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