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Jan 2017
I'm young with no identity,
A faceless boy, alone and shy.
To classmates, a nonentity;
My parents fret and wonder why.

I'm part of the unnoticed pack.
I step aside as others pass.
To be alone, I sit in back
And never volunteer in class.

From social scenes, I disengage,
Avoiding bullies' taunts and laughs.
I cannot dance or speak on stage,
And hate to pose for photographs.

I tend to blush and shrink from hugs
And ***** jokes embarrass me.
I'm scared to try if offered drugs.
At lunch, I have no company.

I dread the days we swim at school
And shower with the other boys.
I try, but nothing 'bout me's cool.
I lack both confidence and poise.

I'm frightened by the internet
Where vicious rumors often spread.
And mockery's a constant threat
While thoughts of vengeance fill my head.

The girls and jocks just walk on by.
They're unaware that I exist.
No welcome wave nor friendly, "Hi."
I'm seventeen and not been kissed.

The popular comprise a clique
Where bolder boys have fun and flirt.
Among my peers, I'm seen as weak,
And girls avoid an introvert.

The meek inherit all the earth.
That's what the Bible verse asserts.
But while alive, we've little worth.
We're targets for disdain and hurts.

Tomorrow's graduation day.
The high school torment will have passed.
When college life gets underway,
I hope for friends and peace at last.
Richard C Thomas
Written by
Richard C Thomas  Spring Grove, PA
(Spring Grove, PA)   
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