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Jan 2017
Dear Savannah wildflower
I meant Rose,
Savannah my wild rose,
I love you
Let me start this by saying that much.
This; this is a love letter
From me
To you
Correct the speelibg if tou nust
But these words are overdue trust me, I know
We both share the "procrastination" gene
I need to tell you this before the world ends
Before the lights go out
Before you forget you are powerful!
Before we are old
Before I forget to call
So before you stop reading,
know that you are my favorite poetry
You write my every line
I hear it in
Your tears
Those silent sobs made me steal words from another poet because I cannot even describe
The pain.

Your laugh however,
The way you
Let it free but keep it close
And you
Keep joy warped into your bloodstream
Like an addict
Hits a morning
Just to survive
Don't sell it
They kick you out of school for that,
But let others know where they can find it
Let me know where I can find it
Because without you
I can't see the stars anymore
I was a star before
This big city has me all kinds of messed up
Too many people
Too little water
Too much CO2 in the air
Too much sorrow from a mournful father.
Breathe Savvy
I hope I never made you use an oxygen tank
There's a metaphor in there, I swear
That I miss you
That I love you
That every broken piece of me
Is fixed when you love me
Please don't lose your dreams
because love?
You are a dreamer.
Give me one of those sometime okay?
And that abundance
Of jokes so full of cheese
I choke on the air
(Because you know I hate cheese)
because you're so corny....
That this joke doesn't make sense without you
You are my greatest friend.
You are fifteen roses of beautiful and wild and Golden-Gate-Bridge strong.
You taught me
How to protect
How to dress
How to stay strong
How to disappoint you
How to long for someone you love
How to love you
You taught me how to be unapologetically myself
Because you know you're fabulous
Like the way you sneeze glitter
Like the way you like "clickety-click shoes"
Because they announce your arrivalΒ Β 
I hope you know my shoes don't fit you
They aren't intended to
(though I always borrowed yours)
We have different things in store
And You are so much better at shopping
Let my love protect you
And don't live too quickly
Let me teach you how to forgive
Let me back in
Sincerely yours,
Klaryssa Lynn
P.S. drink plenty of water so you don't wilt.
Written by
     Zack Gilbert, vic, RJW, Scotty, Lvice and 7 others
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