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Jan 2017
Dry hair
Dry skin
Hopes are dead
and their dead bodies are also dried

I wish God should come down now
and save your watery smile
before it shrinks
and vanishes
somewhere in our dry sleepy minds  

But why
whenever my eyes see you
either you are alone
or in the arms of
not a mother like mother
I wonder
whether hunger had murdered
love of a mother  

I wonder
whether you come to this world
without a father  

Or somewhere  
watery eyes of your mother
wet heart of your father
are still waiting
and praying for your comeback
without knowing
a dry YOU
is dying without water
We come across children living in miserable conditions near railway stations, temples, in markets, near bus stops etc. Often we found them alone or with pitiable ladies whom we assume as their mothers but never with their fathers. Why? Is it because a mother can gain more sympathy than a father or these children are the result of momentary attraction/torture?
But how could a mother let her child to live in such a pity or is it a modern way of begging? Sometimes it could happen that parents lost their children and their lost children were seen as used for better begging.
Is our ignorance responsible for this?
Puspanjali Sahu
Written by
Puspanjali Sahu  Kolkata
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