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Jan 2017
Insignificant emotional instability  
    Shines through me like crystallised obscenity.

           Hosting the pearl resembling shells that glow in the winter daylight,
                    Clasping on to the carcass of a bird once in flight.

             Haunting flames of fire burn through the showering mist,
       On one of the untimely days of winters coldest kiss.

Dance in the moonlight of an eclipse long but alive,
                   Exhaling each frosty breath to ensure that I survive.

            A wolf of ranger and stamina of all its kind ignited,
            A deeply morning sunset to one who might be freighted.

         A traveller of land and time,
                                                                ­                   Of silver and gold and sweat and grime,

Of ash and coal and dirt and dust,

Of pain, of love of hope and ******.

Heat deserted,
                  The forest at night,
The winter day at last is light.

The trees will revive from their death of endless time,
The rivers will become that of a diamond mine.

the earth in all it ever should have been,
Ever lasting beauty without any pain,
Animals and nature together as one,
Humanity destroyed this world,
Industrialisation has began.

A world too pure for our kind,

Beauty and hope for all animal minds,
I wish to live among  this world in peace,
Without humanity and it's pain and grief.
Written by
Eloi  20/F/London
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