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Jan 2017
Dearest love,
Tell me in my ear,
In the tone of voice,
That only I am privy to hear
How does it feel,
With me inside,
Your heart and mind,
And your body tight
Could it be more real,
When together we lie,
Sweaty skin and fiery eyes,
In embrace til morning rise
My passion unconcealed
My desires brought into the light
And sated with you, each passing night,
In the bliss of your piquant delight
Tell me love,
In your pleasured outcries,
And soft moans,
In your sweet sighs,
And your hushed tones
With every breath,
Every touch of soul and skin
And every spark between our minds,
Tell me dearest one,
How it feels to be mine.
Accidentally deleted a few times. Enjoy!
Written by
JJRKelly  24/M/Chicago
     K G, Corvus, Ponds, Elizabeth Squires and Val Vik
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