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Jan 2017
woman waltzes into the metro station
shiny grey hair pursed lips &
book pressed under her armpit

i pause and thinkβ€”
looks greek no turkish no greek

the woman

no the book

how do you know

**** bust of stesichorus on the outer flap


ancient lyric poet one of the first i think

but why
would someone read stesichorus in this day and age

what kind of woman

the kind of woman who downs
martini martini then
ichor blood of the gods
in one big gulp

all three sifting down her throat
crushed ice at the bottom of each glass

the kind of woman

with hands like a harpy
with eyes like a siren

twenty greek scholars
parceled into  her cranium
under shiny grey hair

yes that kind of woman
based on anne carson's life + style + red doc> in general // school poem
Written by
nina babic  ontario, canada
(ontario, canada)   
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