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Jan 2017
Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words cut deeper than you’ll ever know
It’s a torture so ever slow;
Crushing bones to ash
An activity so expecting
I almost find it welcoming?
So swift, we slash
So eagerly, we bash
Too often, we find ourselves staring at a way out
Too often, we continue running in circles
Back to what we wish would fade
Addicts to abuse; we moan
Sticks and stones
Oh my love, how they can break the bone
But words are the sharpest weapon mankind will ever know
And while my body and soul absorbs these scars
Promise one thing darling
The next time we play this game of sticks and stones
Do not utter a single word
Tell me what you think and if you find any grammar or spelling problems. Thank you for reading!
Written by
Holic  25/Cisgender Female
(25/Cisgender Female)   
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