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Jan 2017
March with me back into history down memory lane
Oppositions upon oppositions being the blame
A voice being strong injustice like a blazing flame
Dr. Martin Luther King who was ready to take aim
Colored as it was used in the 1950’s and 60’s
****** called being all Afro Americans names
Beatings upon beatings
Enough was enough in Dr. King speaking out in no more
We shall overcome, but the message, we shall not run away
Fight we will along with the consequences still
There’s a train a coming, but its destination is victory
Multitudes all marching with a Civil Rights story
Eyes to the skies with God being the glory
Clasped arms and holding hands in togetherness illustrate
Numerous biblical songs for inspiration
March On and don’t tire, as we can’t let freedom expire
Washington needs to know, and we must let our disturbed voices show
Dr. King felt they had marched miles from towns into southern cities
But we as American’s people need no pity
But the time was right to move further south into Washington, DC

The very words of Dr. King brought the multitudes casting the Civil Rights presentation
The multitudes came by bus, car, train and motorcycle, as it didn’t matter, there was rapid message that needed to be heard and told
But the march was just that bold
Mahalia Jackson sang the gospel hymnal of “How I Got Over”
But added with that in my opinion, but how I got closer to knowing who got me over being God himself
However, this march was more than just colored, it was for all people in detouring the separation, but bringing all races together

Yet the opposition was always trying to get over in making injustice right
Yet American was stuck in it being the plight
But God was on Dr. King’s side
The multitudes proved it being the stride

It was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC of “I Have a Dream Speech”
This is just a sample that is paraphrased, “I have a dream today that every Black, White, Jews and Catholic will be able to join hands and converse together in freedom
A dream being told and a mission being fulfilled
The platform may be empty, but Dr. King’s words still pack that impact as if it was yesterday
Dr. King’s spirit is overlooking over us from upon in Heaven and a high mountain
The sunrise is the timing for us to get up and stand up for the cause
The sun is shining bright for us to not stay in the shadows, but come out with dignity and pride
We must still make the Civil Rights shout
Dr. King may have been gone for years
But his voice being the plan is for us to continue to preserver
Instead of killing one another, we must embrace
There should not be any separation in any race
We must strengthen the weak chain
Injustice today can’t remain
Dr. Martin Luther King marched to glory
He is remembered being American’s distinguished story
Tomorrow may be another day, but Civil Rights must be here to stay
My voice into yours, are you listening or will you continue to be a problem?
Dr. King journeyed and conquered, what miles in footsteps you will be taking in the future?
In the distance, I hear march on, but we all must be everlasting strong.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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