Jan 2017
And here we are in yesterday's tomorrow,
Meeting the runway with our brows furrowed.

The crumbled clothes we ironed for a long night's sleep,
And the out of tune vibrations we sang with our knees.

We drenched the sheets with inflammable imagination,
And the early aroma of the sun set fire to our expectations.

So here we are in yesterday's tomorrow,
With the near future's dreams to borrow.

We bring out the suits that the fire didn't ruin,
Because nine o'clock always comes way too soon.

And soon enough the clicking sound of our shoes on the pavements,
Will leave no further room in our mind for that fantasy fragrance.

Welcome to yesterday's tomorrow, yes the timing is impaired,
Empty both your hands, never come to this day prepared.

● ● ●
Mona Mohamed
Written by
Mona Mohamed  22/F
       PoetryofDhiman, ---, L B, Ramin Ara, The Dedpoet and 2 others
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