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Jan 2017
I stopped myself on the edge of oblivion,
Down the road to my right,
All I'd ever done.
Everywhere I'd ever been.
Everyone I'd ever known  
Down the road to my left,
All I had yet to do,
Places I had yet to go.
People I had yet to meet.

And I spoke.

"People tell me to keep fighting.
That it's not all that bad.
That things happen for a reason,
And the reason just hasn't shown itself yet."

I gaze into the structureless abyss.

"The truth is no-one gives a **** how I feel,
The ones who encourage me only do because they can use me. I'm constantly being told to buck up."

Fists clenched and my nails cut my palms.

"If anyone ever lived through what I have they wouldn't want to keep fighting either. They wouldn't want to keep surviving. So why should I?"

A deep breath and shoulders sag.

I stopped myself on the edge of oblivion...
And couldn't talk myself down.

I stopped myself on the edge of oblivion...
And I jumped.
Written by
Wordfreak  21/M/Chappell, Nebraska
(21/M/Chappell, Nebraska)   
   ---, Aqua Rose, Amethyst Fyre and Dovey
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