Jan 12

It was summer a year ago,
When you plan to leave me and move to the next city.

You said goodbye so effortlessly and promise me to return soon to this city.

I had trust in our love.

Every night I admired the stars and smile at them,
Praying for your dreams to come true.

I wanted you to be here,
And want you to take away the agony.

I can't think as my head filled with emptiness.
I look upward at the sky and it made me realise I am not the only one.

Everybody is searching for his or her own particular satisfaction,
Asking for something, which they might never have.

No letters, no calls, no messages,
It has been 2 years since you have not recalled that me since.

I wish I could tear out old memories of us being as one,
And stop this sadness for eternity.

The bits of trust till left in heart for you to return,
Which make me turn upward the sky for tomorrow to come.

I see you in dreams that night,
And I am blessed to be in love.

Days pass by with hopes die.
I try to do something else but you pass my mind.

You will always know you are not alone,
Even you are far away.

I prayed to the first star that night,
Because I love you and want you to be mine again.

It seems so tired of falling in love with you for the first time.

I don't feel sad,
I don't feel anything.

I needed to go far away as soon as possible.

I stopped.
I stopped trusting, imagining and wishing,
When I knew it doesn't make any sense at this point.

Not for me anymore.
It seems silly to forget about you and destined you from my heart.

I felt the pain of love for the first time.

I don't want to feel like this anymore,
Not any of this.

Maybe I am too much for you.
I had spent each waking hour working,
Trying to drown my private pain.

My heart beats for you.
Love is difficult yet still something warm.


"I just want to lay on your chest and listen to your heart beat."
Zenab Rehman
Written by
Zenab Rehman  In your heart
(In your heart)   
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