Jan 12

You don't understand.

A life is just like a leaf in the woods.
On a tree.
That has been there for many years.

And you will die.

What am I doing with my life???

I ask myself that every day
I always get stuck on that now

It must have reached a plateau

it is hard to know when you are holding firm
this big airship called life
this raging bull
this fire in my loins
between high mountains
and sudden dim banks
not to talk about the dragons
to get from A to Z

it is very much a djungle
it is hard to build airships here
but I am resourceful

so I thought to myself,
why walk?

I spend a lot of time thinking about
when to
become mulch
and become the tree again
where am I?
what am I?
when am I there?
I am a forest.

Friday night and I am

dividing space in space
or time in space
or time in time

it's hard to explain
since it in one major way is all the same
just one big vortex

pause your attention from the small
grabbing your attention

just get centered
get perspective
the eye of the storm

your thoughts
your wishes
without looking over your shoulder
make that shit grow and bear fruit

that is an example
of dividing space.


maybe I should just
that I am usually just
joking with just
on a typical Friday

can you
you can

you can rime
at the time
of the crime

at the time
of the crime
you can rime

of the crime
you can rime
at the time