Jan 2017

Scientists have discovered,
I always seem to read,
Tons of useless trivia
that we don't really need.

Like fish who speak
with accents or frogs
that croak in French
Or why your beans
taste better
If you nail them to a

Or perhaps you've
always wondered why
a bird sits on a perch,
Well a scientist will
tell you after years of
hard research.

Maybe you just need
to know why flowers
give off scent.
The science lab's been
busy, and it's money
that's well spent.

Why bother with a cure
for things like cancer
or MS
When they've been
working hard to
understand how women

White coat-wearing
boffins will be working
round the clock
Using taxpayers' money
teaching chimps to put
on a sock.

Who needs a cure for
diabetes, asthma or
When research shows
how dogs can laugh
or cats can show

I think it's time we
pulled their funds
and made them use
their minds
To study and then
search for things to
benefit mankind.


Darryl Ashton
Written by
Darryl Ashton  Blackpool, Lancashire, Un
(Blackpool, Lancashire, Un)   
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