Jan 2017

Planetary landings, not always that great
picking up a monster, no, not as freight

Not sure if it was breakfast, maybe it was brunch
Kane didn't like the grub, his gut the creature lunch

As it silently slides, through all the duct work
hard for them to tell, if it has a toothy smirk

Slinking in the halls, taking a stealthy walk
a sneaky little git, drooling as it stalks

The robot tried to kill our heroine, with delinquent porn
corporation ditched them, shares to be forsworn

Ash headless, finally spilling all the beans
weapons and research, by any way, any means

No hope of rescue, so far out in deep space
Captain Dallas missing, gone without a trace

Ripley oozing tension, trying to escape
crew is dead, or absent, or in an unknown state

Thank engineers and builders, for airlocks on the ship
blasted from the hatch, deported, on it's illegal Alien trip

Hehe, different kind of illegal work!
If you've never seen "Alien" this is prolly very confusing :D
Temporal Fugue
Written by
Temporal Fugue  56/M/Austin Tx
(56/M/Austin Tx)   
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