Jan 10

So long I dreamt of being the night
But never knew why
Maybe 'cause I'm that much quiet
Or 'cause of the starry sky
But once I drowned within it
It all seemed so new
& I learned all roads that there are
always lead to you

Now, if I were the night
I could hold you in my arms
& I'd shine so that you'd find
All the stars I've met
But just like these streets you know
I'll never keep you
Neither of us, after lifetimes could ever forget

'cause when the universe falls apart
& time crashes in all directions
Erasing all the lines we drew
If I remain
I'll still have one memory within my heart
& I know it'll be you

So wake before the silence sings
& brings the coldest day
Wake to find the gold in your hair
Take me far away
Just take me somewhere...

If I could become the night,
I'd hold you in my arms
& try to make you forget words
That sound like a goodbye
But what if your heart's bigger
Than the one I wish for
Will I get to hold you before
The times we have just pass by...?

Please, wake before the silence sings
& turns the blue nights grey
Wake to find the sleeping world
Baby, take me far away
Just take me somewhere... away from here


Written by
NB  21/A Stoned World Order
(21/A Stoned World Order)   
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